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                                                                                                                                  Making  a difference

Registered Charity No 1124549


                                  Once again thank you for your fellowship in the work of                         Reachout Bulgaria.

                                         Thank you too for those who pray and support the work financially.






Reachout Bulgaria has been  visiting this orphanage for 5 years during which time we have regularly provided new clothes, shoes and food. Our work parties have replaced sewers, refurbished bathrooms and toilets, repaired roofs and redecorated bedrooms,

For 3 years we have employed a nurse there to improve the care of several ill children. For 18 months we have also employed 4 helpers to work 1:1 with the children.

There has been a vast improvement in these children who are now able to sit at a table and draw, build bricks etc and even listen quietly to music.

However another organisation is now working there with 3 full time workers and they are planning to re-house the children in family homes later this year

Prayer Focus Our nurse has left due to ill health and I feel the time has now come to pull out of Gorna Koznitsa and concentrate on other orphanages.

KUSTENDIL 29 children 3-7 years

Prayer Focus This orphanage where we installed a wonderful playground 2 years ago is well run and the children are loved and well cared for. They still have needs as funding is low. It is a joy to be welcomed there and the children really enjoy the fun and attention as well as the fresh fruit we take.


We have recently started visiting this home on the same site with baby clothes and toys. On our last visit we bought 2 much needed fridges for them

MEDVEN ORPHANAGE 59 special needs children

029We continue to take teams regularly to this home to work with the 20 severely disabled children on the top floor. They have greatly benefited from the therapy and the special seating we provided. They have about 25 children with severe autism who are too difficult for us to







work with but we do find time to play with the remaining 14 children who attend school on site

Prayer Focus The rooms this group use are in very poor condition and we are taking a Work Party in May to refurbish their bathrooms and re decorate their bedrooms.

The new Director there is proving a bit difficult and we ask you to pray that our relationship with him will improve.




Prayer and Praise

Praise God for the health to continuel this work

Praise God for meeting financial needs

Praise God for the many team members

Pray that we will be able to improve nutrition of babies at Pleven.

Pray that we will be allowed to advise staff and that they will be receptive.

Pray for good relationships with Medven director

 Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the work of   

Reachout Bulgaria

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